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My names Sarah, I'm a professional freelance Graphic Designer in Edmonton, Alberta. Specializing in Graphic Design, Web Designs, Photography, 2D Animation and Illustrations.


Graduated from Pixel Blue College in both, Graphic Design and 2D Animation. Educated in Adobe Software working with Illustrator, Photoshop, Indesign, Muse, Flash, After Affects, Edge and Lightroom. Working on both Mac and PC platforms.


I've been a dedicated artist my whole life. Finding ways to expose my creative styles to the world through various mediums. From art gallery shows called Art From the Unknown, displaying my paintings. To an airbrushed mural in a family violence help center, then an airbrushed store sign.  Finding my way I took up schooling in interior decorating, wedding planning, and first year apprentice in auto body. Finding ways to still play with color and be artistic and hands on.


Finally I decided what I enjoyed doing for years, is what I should be doing as my career. To draw, create, imagine, and impress people around me with my skill set and ideas never thought possible. Providing unique creative inspiring detailed designs, logos, layouts and photography for my clients. Capturing moments and ideas and bringing them to life.


In my spare time I enjoy spending time with my family and my son (can't forget the cat requires some attention too), collecting all the snuggle time I can get. I also spend time in my art studio refurbishing old furniture, hand painting it, and reselling them.  To hand painted canvases, drawings in sketch books, and airbrushing. If its not any of those things, you'll find me redecorating the house or fixing it, and moving furniture around. Or getting excited when the second hand store has an old crusty dresser for $20. I even sew sock monkeys!


So if you like to talk, ask questions, meet for coffee, conspire some brilliant ideas for you with some awesome laughter. FIND ME HERE!